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Military terminology

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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Kinda a strange one but could the team to a video on military terminology?

example; infantry, tank, infantry fighting vehicle, attack helicopter, artillery etc.

Then unit sizes. Platoon, company, division, Army group etc…


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Wow, this is very interesting! We will put it right on our lesson idea board, and will look out for Xinhua news on this topic. Thanks so much on the proposal!

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I just came across this great sci-fi lesson, 未来世界大战. While it’s not specifically about military terminology, it does have a lot of words like “aircraft carrier,” “nuclear submarine,” and “biochemical weapons.” And it’s just a great lesson to hear, even if you’re not interest in the terminology. Even my wife enjoyed hearing it.

Indeed a fun piece Elijah!