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Mobile website missing next/prev buttons, lessons library

With the latest update the Mobile website lessons are missing next/prev buttons, lessons library. I can no longer go through the lessons in chronological order, which is the only way I can be sure to hear them all. How can I sort the lessons in order date ascending, show only bookmarked lessons, see the next latest lessons like I was able to before?

I found the sort & filter buttons, but loading new pages locks up & takes too long. Next / Prev buttons were much easier, and I didn’t have to set up bookmarks on my PC ahead of time.

I have a question that I think sort of related to this. Maybe I’m missing something but is there a way to set it up so that the next lesson will play automatically after I finish listening to a lesson? I suppose a previous and next button would be the next best thing. I normally only have time to review each lesson with the pdf after work but on the way to work and sometimes at work when I’m doing admin stuff that doesn’t require brain power I like to listen to the lessons one after another for listening only purposes. I find it too troublesome to go back to the previous page after each lesson trying to find where I was at last time then load the next lesson. I suppose I could always download the lessons I want to listen to ahead of time but I don’t always have the time to do it. I think this might be a useful feature?

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