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Movies / science fiction

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): All (i personally prefer advanced and media)
Video or Audio: Either
Lesson Idea: Hi Team,

I would like to see a lesson discussing movies, in particular science-fiction. I recently saw 流浪地球 (“Wandering Earth”) at the movie theater and I absolutely loved it. As China’s first big-budget science fiction movie that has done so well world-wide, it would be an interesting topic to discuss.


  • hanze

That’s a great suggestion. Hopefully ChinesePod can cover Sci-Fi more soon. It seems that Chinese society as a whole has been completely indifferent to Sci-Fi, but suddenly last month my WeChat feed exploded with comments about Wandering Earth.

Saw the trailer of „Wandering earth“. Looks amazing. I would like to see this movie. Sadly it’s quite hard here in Germany. In a first step I would be happy to have a lesson about it.