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Need help with 零钱,零用钱, 散钱

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:could you please help to clarify these three vocabulairs, it will be perfect if you can give some example,many thanks.

Hi Grace,

零钱 refers to the change e.g. 我给了他一百元,他给了我一堆零钱
零用钱 or 零花钱 refers to the pocket money e.g. 她妈妈每周都会给她一些零用钱让她买好吃的
散钱 and 零钱 are interchangeable e.g. 请问你身上有没有散钱?我没有零钱找你钱

Hi Grace,

@Jeremypu2019 is right. If there’s still any other question, feel free to ask.


so you mean 零钱 can be paper, not just for coins? I thought 零钱 just means coins and small money.

零钱 can be coin or note. You may have $1/$2/$5 (or other small face value) coin or note which is referred as 零钱

Thanks for your help!

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thanks for your help!

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Hi Betty,

This just reminded me a similar word - 找零. Can we use it as same as 零钱? Really appreciate for your help!

I think "找零"is a verb, we always say " 找你钱“ , means give the change back.I also heard someone say " 退你钱。

@gracechen7874 is right. The 零 in 找零 is 零钱. So 找零 is to make change. So if you want to say ‘keep the change’, you can say 不用找了.