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New Android App (V2) Available on Google Play


My compliments to the team on the latest Android app! It’s working well for me on Huawei P8.

Top feature request: in-app playlist function, including ability to add the same item in the playlist multiple times (for example, my learning pattern is to listen to the dialog 2-3 times before listening to the lesson)
Second feature request: headphone button control for pause/forward/rewind

If you have these, then I can abandon using RSS and podcast player (which isn’t working smoothly for me currently anyway)


@jt1929 So great to hear you’re enjoying the app!

We’ve had a few requests to add a playlist/queue feature and it has since been added to the ‘to do’ pipeline. So stay tuned.

As far as headphone controls, there are basic controls implemented already for pairs with a single play/pause button. A single click should play or pause a lesson and a double click should rewind 5 seconds for those moments when you just missed what was said.
If by headphone controls you have other ideas, you’re using a set with more buttons, or the functionality mentioned above isn’t working for you, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve mainly been using a pair of Bose in-ear headphones to test with so other use cases would be interesting.

Thanks again for the feedback! It’s really appreciated.