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New Android App (V2) Available on Google Play

We have completely revised the new android app, and it’s now available for download on the Google Play store.

This new app replaces the previous version that came out a couple of months ago.

Let us know your thoughts on the new app.

Download Here

Notable New Features:

  • Hold down to access word-by-word translations for dialogue sentences.
  • Access to popular ChinesePod series such as Poems with Pete.

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Gday unfortunately on my oppo r7 plus, it does not open. Andriod 5.1.1.

Great! Though it crashes on my nexus 5 - I just sent a bug report

Works fine. Pretty handy.
Although sometimes the translation gets cut off and I can only see the first line of it, sometimes it just won’t display it. But overall a good step forward. I’ll probably consider using the app more often nowadays :slight_smile:

Hi there, could you try again. There should be a fresh build on Google Play now. Thanks.

Hello, When are you guys going to launch the iOS version in the App Store? i’m just gonna pay for the premium if you guys launch the app, because I don’t have much time to stay on my computer, but I carry my phone wherever I go, so I can study with it? Thanks

They iOS app is currently in development, please look at the following post made by Gwilym that shows you how you can access the lesson content on iOS through another app until the official CPod app is released.

Yeah sorry about this. The current ways to listen to ChinesePod on the go is to try out the un-released beta app. Alternatively, you can use a podcast player like the Apple Podcast app, or OverCast app to listen to the show, dialogue and PDF notes. Or you can use the website on your phone on the go since the website is mobile friendly.

Premium also gives you access to all our videos and the Say It Right video course.

This really is a fantastic app. Good job guys.

I don’t know if this feature was pushed in a recent update but I love that you can watch the video lessons directly from the app! I just noticed it yesterday with the “let’s do math” lesson.

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@GwilymJames @hunter_robbert @Armel I have been getting this update since I tried using the app today. I closed the app manually and tried re-opening. I also checked the app store for an update and didn’t see anything. This error isn’t letting me access any content.

Hey @Matt_T. I’m going to direct message you about this.

Got your message and Google Play pushed the new update, things are now fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good to know! Thanks Matt.

@hunter_robbert Just wondering how the CPod next Android app handles the video lessons. I downloaded a video lesson while at home using the android app but when I went to watch it at work it seemed like it was trying to use the crappy wifi connection to stream the video as it kept lagging and buffering. I didn’t have any issues listening to the audio only portion of the lesson.

Are the CPod video lessons not downloaded when you click the download button?

Hey @Matt_T. You’re right, the video mp4 file isn’t downloaded with the lesson, nor is it available to be downloaded at the moment. The way downloads work is by allowing the downloading of the lesson audio (either standard or high quality), the dialogue review and/or the vocabulary review. You can download any combination of those four granted the lesson has them available.

As soon as you open the download manager pop-up and select a track, the corresponding mp3 track begins downloading. Additionally, the lesson’s vocabulary list, dialogue transcript, grammar and expansion materials are saved offline if not already done so.

So to answer your question, for now video is only available to stream. This will certainly change in the near future. In the meantime it would definitely help to adjust your video quality settings in the settings menu. The video quality setting defaults to ‘Auto’ which means when you play a video, both your phone’s screen size and network connection type are taken into account to select an appropriate streaming resolution. Connections such as Edge, 2G, 3G and 4G are fairly simple to detect, estimate their speed, and select a resolution which will stream smoothly. Unfortunately, WiFi isn’t as straight forward. At the moment, the app assumes if the connection is WiFi, it should be strong enough to stream whichever resolution fits the phones screen size.

So you’re sort of getting stuck in this faulty assumption. Sorry about that. Mess with the settings an see if that helps for the time being. Two things in the future will hopefully solve this: 1) Downloading video offline and 2) Encouraging our video host to support adaptive streaming (That would be really cool).

@leejames. Really nice to hear you’re enjoying it! Keep us updated.

@hunter_robbert I’m not worried about the video streaming, the wifi at the office is terrible all the time so that was the reason for the slow streaming. My point was that I wouldn’t have noticed that the video wasn’t download if it wasn’t for the slow wifi connection, I could always use my LTE data on my phone to watch the video.

I just assumed that when I selected “Download HQ” it download the video and the audio lesson files. I didn’t notice it before because I always download the files to my phone before listening and was at home when I watched a previous video lesson. I assumed that it had download as it played the video lesson automatically without issue when I pressed play after the download completed but in reality it was just streaming from my Wifi.

@Matt_T Oh gotcha. Yea no, the ‘Lesson HQ’ option only downloads the HQ audio mp3.