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New Dashboard - add vocab to decks?

the new dashboard does not let you add vocab to decks.

you can copy to clipboard, but it does not auto add to card decks.

no way to change new dashboard setting.
no auto complete
how about pinyin/translation?

Hi there,

I think this post might help: How to Create Decks?

As for

Could you give us more details or examples?


The link explains that you don’t have the functionality and you have to go to the old dashboard.

in account settings, you can choose to have trad or simple char, you can opt into displaying pin yin and English translation.

On the new dashboard, these settings are there, but not functional. So you have to click open any pinyin or translation you want.

I don’t like the view of the new dashboard. it is not reader friendly. The font is hard to read, you don’t space the characters or words well. Each tab is too long, so it is very hard to scroll through.

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. We are still optimizing our new dashboard, so please leave your feedback in the following link: