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New Feature - Sample Sentences Deck

New Featue Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team, thanks always for this amazing platform! I appreciate that you have developed a Vocabulary deck function so that I could study comprehensively later on using flashcard etc,
I would appreciate if you could consider adding the equivalent function for sample sentence:) Sometimes I would like to remember a word/phrase in the context of a sentence. Also if I could review the sentence, I could also go through the grammar structure again :slight_smile:

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This is a very interesting suggestion, and thanks for bringing it forward!

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I’ve seen this suggestion other places, too. The general consensus I see is that only Anki supports this - none of the other common tools out there do. I’ve heard of people learning Chinese by memorizing a sentence a day, then going out and saying it to anyone who would listen. The Mamahuhu guy on YouTube learned this way.

Take a look at this old thread. Scroll down to find MisterXia’s posts about Audio flashcards in Anki.

thank you! i appreciate the suggestion of utilizing the Audio flashcards in Aki but since I am already subrscibing to this platform, I will find it very helpful if this function was already built-in the Chinesepod platform. In reality while working more than 8 hours per day, it is quite difficult to try to reach-out to external platform and creating it…

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Someone quoted me… I’m famous :joy:

This quoted post of mine was from April 2018, where I wrote about experimenting with audio flashcards. Well I kept on doing that. By now, I have gone further:

  1. Bought the IOS-App: It’s worth it
  2. Created a total of 5220 audio-flashcards
  3. As Cpods phrases are much too long, I started cutting the mp三s to only tell me the part that I want to focus on (not very often though)

I have to say: No method ever boosted my Chinese like this and I have been studying this language since 2002, using it almost daily at work since 2007.

I stick with my opinion: Having Cpod introducing some way of providing audio flashcards, including those with short snippets (rather than long sentences) of vocab in context would make this platform 100 times stronger.

Even just providing all vocab of a lesson as a downloadable anki file would make me jump for joy so high that I would probably crash into a satellite…
That would be: all the vocab plus 2-3 examples per word for each lesson. Users could download the file, import them into Anki, delete whatever they don’t need and then go for it.

For now, I keep on recording my own stuff. It is a lot of work, but in my opinion definitely worth it.

Hi there,

Wow! That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing. It seems that there’re still many functions that we can put on either our website or our app. We’ll keep working on optimizing them. Hope one day we can make everyone happy with our website and app.



Acutally, I am happy… :slightly_smiling_face:
However, it could be even better.

Sign me up to be a beta tester! ChinesePod is still using using the same basic technology and web functions as the original company had 10 years ago. I’m not aware if the new web interface will have any new features, or just a new look and feel. The one area where the new management and team have innovated is video content, although to be fair Fiona and Gwilym had already done a lot of work beforehand. Credit where it is due though, the newest lessons are making good use of video as a medium. I hope they will also work on some of the other learning tools, which actually seem to be getting increasingly neglected. ChinesePod has always been great “infotainment.” I would love to see them try something really new and innovative, such as the sentence review feature, to supercharge the learning efficacy of the platform.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your feedback. If you have any thoughts about the functions on our new website, feel free to leave them on the following link: We appreciate your feedback. With this, we can make our website much better together.