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New lessons I need new lessons


Without new lessons, I have no reason to continue my subscription. It has been months since I have seen a new lesson at advanced and upper intermediate levels.


Hello, we are working on getting new lessons and new hosts. Do you have topic that you are specifically interested in learning?


Please add more advanced and media lessons. The last advanced lesson was in January (almost 5 months ago), and the last media lesson was in 2014, which is an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to not add anything.


Hey PercyFawcett, I apologize for the wait, and thank you for your input. We hope to release something soon. Again, sorry for having to wait so long.


GraceWong, thank you for your response.


I must be the only one who is not seeing a lack of lessons. On the contrary, I’m seeing new videos on YouTube very frequently. I love all the new videos and it’s a lot of new material to study.

At times in the new videos I get a bit lost because there is a sudden flood of Chinese at very quick speed. Even though gwilym often translated what was said after the fact, it’s still quite difficult for me to understand. I retain most of the information that is in the text on the screen, this is the most helpful part of every video to me. The fact that you got simplified and traditional characters is awesome! You also provide the pinyin. It’s truly helpful, but you could take it even a step further by providing the literal English translation of each word, and add that to the text as well. Not an English translation with English sentence structure but a direct translation word by word. I noticed you do a lot of this verbally in the video. But like I mentioned, the text is actually what helps me the most. I’m quite surprised at how much Chinese characters help me to understand what I’m hearing. And I very frequently look at the character and wonder what the direct English translation is. Often times I can get this meeting by watching the segment over and over again but it would be faster if I could just glanced down with my eyes at the English word.


Hello! I’m glad to hear that you like the literal translation of the Chinese. That really helps me with structuring a sentence! Thanks for the feedback.


Hello, I tried posting a comment in this thread a few days ago and I was told that it must first be approved by a moderator before it appears, why is that?


Hello Drenstro, we recently have had a couple of users get on the forum to talk about inappropriate sexual content, so we are currently identifying our improper users. We hope it will open back up shortly.


Ditto, where are the advanced lessons? Will there ever bee advanced lessons again? You say change is good, but so far I am not liking the changes.


Hi, there,

Have you seen our newest advance lesson? It is posted here:

We would love your feedback. We have several more coming soon, so input would be great!