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New to ChinesePod - elementary going into basic intermediate

Hello! I’m new to the ChinesePod family and wanted to get some ideas on how best to structure my learning using the resources in ChinesePod. I’m at a high elementary/basic intermediate level - understand better than i can speak and write Chinese….

Any suggestion would be greatly received.

Thanks again

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Kelly, your question is a very common one, but you did not mention what your goals are. Bring up your speaking level? Improve your writing? Make further progress in understanding spoken Chinese?

I would say that as a start you should browse the lessons at your level by filtering them, and bookmark the ones where the topic catches your interest. If you find lessons with a lot of comprehensible input on topics that you might actually want to communicate about in Chinese that will be powerful for you.

ChinesePod was originally purely “top-down” and without a prescribed course of study, but since so many users had the same issue as you with wanting to have some structure to their studies you can also find curated groups of lessons made by ChinesePod, sorted (mostly) by topic:

You can use this as another way to browse first, looking at the courses in the Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and Intermediate categories.

Have fun,

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