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News or parahgraphs for elementary


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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,
Hello, I enjoy the lessons but I am starting to get tired of just listening to lessons on conversation.
I would want to start reading a paragraph and learn something that is no coloquial.
Could you make such lessons available for elementary levels?

Reading a short article or stories would be nice.


Hi mynsa27x,

ChinesePod is primarily designed as a spoken modern Mandarin course, so reading is not emphasized at the lower levels. Reading stories is definitely important, and here is a ChinesePod lesson that introduces some suggestions.

A fantastic non-Mandarin feature of ChinesePod is the often overlooked Poems with Pete series. It’s the most accessible introduction to Chinese poetry I’ve ever found.


Hi all, I think reading is not a bad idea. It is true, ChinesePod is a very good place to learn spoken Mandarin. But language learning is a whole process of speaking, reading, writing. For beginner, we can use some simple book which include pinyin and some pictures( like kids book). When my Mandarin got better, I started to read and listen to the news, which bring me more knowledge and fun, for example 2018 Google Most Searched News(