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News or parahgraphs for elementary


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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,
Hello, I enjoy the lessons but I am starting to get tired of just listening to lessons on conversation.
I would want to start reading a paragraph and learn something that is no coloquial.
Could you make such lessons available for elementary levels?

Reading a short article or stories would be nice.


Hi mynsa27x,

ChinesePod is primarily designed as a spoken modern Mandarin course, so reading is not emphasized at the lower levels. Reading stories is definitely important, and here is a ChinesePod lesson that introduces some suggestions.

A fantastic non-Mandarin feature of ChinesePod is the often overlooked Poems with Pete series. It’s the most accessible introduction to Chinese poetry I’ve ever found.


Hi all, I think reading is not a bad idea. It is true, ChinesePod is a very good place to learn spoken Mandarin. But language learning is a whole process of speaking, reading, writing. For beginner, we can use some simple book which include pinyin and some pictures( like kids book). When my Mandarin got better, I started to read and listen to the news, which bring me more knowledge and fun, for example 2018 Google Most Searched News(


Thank you for sharing your love of reading with us! We are working on reading-focused lesson format to make developing reading competency the lesson goal.

Can you let us know your background and interest? You’d mentioned that you’d enjoyed the 2018 googled news lesson. Any specific topics that you are particularly interested?


thank you for the suggestios and sorry for my delay.
I will start with looking into the materials by Mandarin Companion and also the Poens with Pete series