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No more intermediate lessons :(

Today I listened to my last intermediate lesson :(. I’m disappointed that Chinesepod has stopped releasing new episodes. I checked, and it looks like the last time an intermediate course was released was September 28, 2021. :scream: That’s almost two and a half years!



Bapkate: Apologies if this questions needs to be asked, is there any reason that you need more Intermediate Lessons? You could challenge yourself and move up to Upper-Intermediate, if you are including those in the list of intermediate lessons, perhaps go up to Advanced? Or is the Advanced material a step too far for you at this time? Apologies, I am just starting out so I don’t know how much the jumps are between levels here… but I mean I did a check during my free trial to see how much material there is and wow there is a LOT. But again only you really know how capable your ability is at the moment. I wish you luck in your learning.

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It didn’t need to be asked, but I don’t mind answering anyway :wink:

There is a difference in the difficulty of each podcast within each level, as you’ll find once you start digging in. Some of the intermediate lessons are closer to upper-intermediate while some are closer to pre-intermediate / beginner.

So why don’t I just pipe down and listen to upper-intermediate lessons? I like to listen to podcasts while I walk to and from work every day. Because I can’t keep my full focus on the podcast (I have to look both ways before I cross the street, etc.) my listening comprehension isn’t as good as it is when I’m listening at home, or some other place where I can focus completely.

I can and will listen to the upper-intermediate podcasts, but the intermediate level podcasts hit the sweet spot for me: just hard enough to challenge me without distracting me too much from my surroundings while walking around.

Thanks for the suggestion. Hope you enjoy the content you find here, and I hope that new content is on the way!