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No new intermediate lessons since 5 Jan - Upper intermediate since 12 Jan and Advanced since 18 Jan


Hi, I am listening to intermediate lessons but realised there are no new lessons provided anymore. There used to be multiple updates per month. The same applies to other lessons apart from Newbie lesson, which is not really a challenge to follow and only serves 1 group of subscribers.

I have been observing this for nearly 3 months now and feel that there is no balance on content addition anymore.

I am not following the forums, so I do not know why this is, but I will start monitoring these forums a bit more.
Could you please explain and advise when new lessons will be made available?


The old hosts left and they are currently trying to find new ones, the only content that they have been releasing seems to be from the backlog of previously made ATWTI episodes. We currently don’t know what the time frame is for when new hosts will be found or when the creation of new content will resume.


To be clear, they are recycling lessons that were previously released IMHO. I might be wrong or they might have dug up one or two ‘new’ ones.