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Not working - search function in the new dashboard/dictionary

Hi there!
I have been wondering why sometimes I am not able to find many words that I look for, then I realized today that, for example, when I search for “yay” in the old dictionary/dashboard, I have lots of results. But when I do that in the new dictionary/dashboard, it won’t show anything.


In both attempts I searched for the English word yay. This new search functionality is probably not showing me many other things from lessons as well, I would assume because I’ve noticed that sometimes I look for Hanzi and then when I peruse the search results, I don’t see that Hanzi that I was looking for anywhere in the dialogue or expansion, anywhere.


Hi Maxsen,

Thank you very much for the feedback. The dictionary page in the new dashboard employed a wider and more general dictionary base so the search results might be different. We’re still working on the improvement of the page, and we appreciate your opinion. If you noticed anything else in regard to the functionality, please let us know!