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Old/new guy here


These forums are pretty quiet, but here it goes anyway.

Hi everyone. I’m another returning ChinesePod user. I started with ChinesePod in 2005 (I’m American btw) kept at it and later met some students from Taiwan in 2008. They moved back to Taiwan and we lost touch. I moved a couple of years later and things just got too crazy for me to focus on any enriching hobbies. I all but gave up on learning Chinese in 2010.

I now live in a neighborhood populated by a lot of Chinese immigrants who mostly speak Mandarin, and I’m a web developer for a company that sends employees on frequent business trips. So… I’m back! It was actually really easy to get back to where I left off.

I really like the new shows and videos. They help a lot. I miss Ken, Clay, Jenny, and Amber, but you new kids seem pretty cool too. :slight_smile:


Glad to have you back.

I recommend the Qing Wen channel if you’ve been away a while, and try checking out the new iOS and Android apps.