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One-on-one lessons in Shanghai this summer?


((Initially, I sent the support team an email, but they advised me to post it on this forum for the production team to see.))
I’ve been a ChinesePod user for a few years now. Great stuff!
I’m an anthropologist doing research on China. My field of expertise is recycling and I’m quite familiar with the associated vocabulary in Chinese. My level is upper intermediate (when I’m in China) or intermediate (when, like now, I haven’t been in China for a while).
I’ve just embarked on a new and very different project, however, that will require spending a month in Shanghai and Beijing in August 2017 and conducting research on commodity trading and financialization. This is a whole new topic for me, so I barely know how to talk about it in Chinese (mandarin). But I’ll have to conduct interviews soon after my arrival…
I’d like to know if it would be possible to arrange for one-on-one, tailor-made lessons with someone from the ChinesePod team, ideally around the beginning of August or the end of July. I’m thinking of something like four days, four to six hours a day, one-on-one conversation around topics that would be useful for me and would help me in my interviews with Chinese interlocutors. That could require some preparation from the teacher.
Can ChinesePod offer such a service? If yes, for what price? I’ll be in Shanghai starting on Aug. 5 and would prefer to start then and interact with a physical person, if possible. If not, a virtual classroom would be fine.
Thanks in advance for your kind reply!
Best regards,


We currently don’t offer this kind of service. We do have online virtual teachers via our classroom website, but since we don’t have a physical presence in China, you are better off posting on some meetup groups to find someone local in Shangai. You could also try previous ChinesePod member, John Pasden’s consulting services?


Thanks Gwilym! I’ll do that.


Some years ago I had online lesson with Taylor made Chinese. They have a center in Shanghai.


I suggest you contact John Pasden’s company, AllSet Learning.
They can set you up with a tutor under their supervision who is qualified and trained in their methodology.