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Online tuition?


I’ve been using ChinesePod for nearly a year, and i’m really keen to supplement my lessons with online one to one tuition. I think ChinesePod used to offer this, but doesn’t seem to any more. Does anyone use online tuition, either through a company or through someone they have found online? How is it? Does anyone have any recommendations?


I am very satisfied with the 1-to-1 lessons at
They offer a free trial lesson.


I am an exchange student to study Chinese as a foreign language in Liaoning xueyuan, Shenyang China.
I think Chinese pod is very useful to improve Chinese skill as it consists of many levels and parts with good videos.
Truly, I am very busy to study my course so I am watching ChinesePod video at the spare time only.
In Chinese there is that famous words “萝卜青菜, 各有所爱”。
Everyone has a method themselves.
Thanks for good post.