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Original Pokemon TV series in Chinese for Intermediate learners


Fiona just shared me this YouTube playlist of the original Pokemon cartoon in Chinese. I think it could be beneficial for any intermediate or above learners that want to either re-live their childhood, or be caught up on the recent craze.

Also, a Pokemon lesson is in the works for those who “gotta catch them all.”

Chinese texts for intermediate/upper intermediate learners

Oooooh man, I’m going to be all over this. I remember watching this when I was younger and now I can watch it again to practice Chinese. Thanks for the recommendation! @GwilymJames and @Fiona


Any infos on the “catch em all” lesson, when is it gonna hit the shelves?


Hi there!

We are scripting a new lesson as I upgrade my Eevee (I’m trying to collected all three evolved forms).

It will probably come out next month, but I’ll ya’ll all posted.



If you name them Rainer, Pyro and Sparky before evolving you will get Vaporeon (水伊布), Flareon (火伊布) and Jolteon (雷伊布), respectively. :wink:


Thanks so for that tip. I’ve got Jolteon so far and waiting to upgrade another to a Vaporeon (coz it just reminds me of my cat so much lol).

Here’s a new lesson all about Pokemon Go.



Video not available :frowning:


Yeah it looks like they’re being taken down. Try searching 神奇寶貝 on your favourite video site.

Here is another playlist.


Thanks a lot for suggesting watching cartoons! My level is intermediate and it can be challenging to watch soap operas, but cartoons are just about my level. I am not big fan of pokemon, i watch this one 熊出没之秋日团团转
about bears.Easy to understand check this one out guys.


Thanks for the suggestion. Nice and HD and lots of episodes on YT.