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Outlier Masterclass

The people behind the Outlier Dictionary have just announced a new online class they’re starting soon. It’s not about a bunch of Chinese characters - it’s on how to learn Chinese characters.

Even though I already know a couple of thousand characters, I think I’m still going to do this course. I’ve been using the Outlier dictionary since it came out, and these people really know their stuff. I could have avoided a lot of pain if they had been around a decade earlier! Hopefully by taking this class, I can avoid some future pain as I try to work my way up to 3,000 characters.

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Thanks so much for sharing Elijah. I will look into it too and please share your thoughts on pros and cons of the course. I will do the same.

It’s been great so far! A friend also recently encouraged me to learn the Cangjie keyboard input method to improve my ability to read and learn characters. There are bloggers out there who claim great success. I’ve written about my start here:

I wonder if anyone else here has experience with Cangjie.