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overusing 和 - when and how to say and in chinese

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: I was wondering when you shouldn’t use the word 和. Are there any specific rules with it? I use it similar to how it would be used in English, but I have been told that I am overusing it. Do you have any tips to help me understand this better?

Hi Alanna,

The most common meaning of 和 is “and”. But we have to remember that not all the words can be translated directly. In Chinese, 和 can only be used between nouns. For example,

  • Subject noun
    I am going out with her today.
  • Time noun
    I am available on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Place noun
    I want to go to Japan and England.

Now, let’s see what we use to connect other words except nouns.

  1. Adjective and Adjective
  • 这件裙子很漂亮,也很便宜。
    This dress is pretty and cheap.
    Note: 也 and 还 are another common translations for “and”. But when we use 还, it’s more like “not only…but also…”

  • 这件裙子又漂亮又便宜。
    Note: You can also use the sentence structure 又…又… to put two adjectives together.

  1. Verb and Verb
  • 我今天去了学校,也去了医院。
    I went to the school and went to the hospital.
    Note: If you omit the verb, of course, you still can use 和.

  • 我看了电视,然后就睡了。
    I watched TV and then slept.
    Note: When the “and” in the sentence indicates the order, we would use 然后.

Hope this would help :slight_smile:


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