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Paid Premium - Beta Test Benefits

Hello ChinesePod,

I’m a paid premium member who just renewed my subscription earlier this month. I saw the video today (Dec 20th, 2019) about the beta testing for the new website. It looks like beta users can get free premium account from now until Jan 27th, 2020 in exchange for providing feedback. I would be happy to provide some feedback on the beta website in exchange for extending my subscription (or some other benefit).

It seems only fair that paid members should get some benefit from helping, right? :thinking: Please let me know!

Best wishes,

Announcement mentioned above:

Hi Spence,

Thanks for your feedback. Our customer service representative has replied to you through e-mail. Please remember to check your inbox. If there’s any question, feel free to ask.


Hello Betty,

Thank you for helping resolve this matter! I really appreciate the prompt and professional responses.


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