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Paid renewal fee $250 on Jan 21, but still no access :(


Probably not the right place for this, but have already sent four emails asking for help from support. Have also sent proof of payment.

Very frustrating because I’m such a fan of the content. Just want access to what I paid for… Or at least a response.


I looks like my collegues Natasha took care of it on our support site. Could you confirm you now have access to our content. If not, I will make sure you get it ASAP.


Yes, thank you so much for following up!

PS - I uninstalled the iOS app, thinking that it might help to reinstall. But it looks like there’s no app to reinstall anymore. Are you still supporting iOS apps, or is the website now the preferred method of access?


You can click here to join our beta app which has not yet gone live on iTunes and I’ll send an invite right away. Alternatively, you can use any podcast app and subscribe to your lesson feed,(instructions here). Or you can access the premium website from your phone/tablet (support article here)


Locked out of content again. And again it’s been days without a response.

I don’t honestly understand what the issue is. Please either refund my subscription fee or restore my access.

I really enjoy the content, and am happy to pay for it, but this is pretty frustrating. Would be less of an issue if support responded within a day or two…


@HelloChinesePod @GwilymJames is this something you can help with?


Can someone grant me access or refund my subscription please?


One time I let my subscription expire. After I renewed my sub, I still couldn’t access the content. I logged out on the website and app and logged back in and it worked again. If you haven’t already tried that I would suggest giving it a shot cause I had the same problem before.

Although you did say you bought the year sub and it doesn’t seem like a year passed since your first post so I’m not sure why all of the sudden you couldn’t access the content? Anyways hope you get it sorted out soon.


I’ll get @kevintsai from CS to take a look at your account. Thanks for your patience.