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珮珮猪 Peipei Zhu - Peppa Pig in Chinese


I’ll share a secret. One that is more of a ‘parents-only’ advice.
I have a little girl (almost 2 years old now) and thanks to her, watching TV show in chinese now is something easier, funny and a family thing.

When I was learning English something that helped me a lot was to turn on the TV, look for TV shows and set for original audio. From Friends to The WestWing… from South Park to CNN (although it’s a bit harder to follow the news when you don’t quite understand the language)…

But watching TV in mandarin is a bigger challenge.

So I needed something simpler. A TV show that I had previous knowledge of the content. “try watching kids tv shows” my tutor said.
The answer was 珮珮猪! Peppa Pig!! Short length. Easy to understand. I already knew what was coming, because when you’re a dad you watch the same episode 20 times a week. Search for Peppa Pig Mandarin or Peppa Pig Chinese or just 珮珮猪. You’ll find tons of episodes. But I’m running out of Peppa. So here comes the question.

Besides Peppa Pig, does anyone know other shows I could watch? Like Dora? Mickey Mouse Club house? I can’t watch Peppa’s ballet class anymore. :slight_smile:

The best Chinese language TV shows to help with 听力

Hey @danielpioner I know there is a show called ni hao kai lan that my niece used to listen to that fits in line with Dora the Explorer.

I believe that Dora also has Chinese dubbed versions as well, I saw some when I was at my local library so I am sure you could find them online.

I never heard of Peppa Pig so I will check that one out myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your search!


Great advice.

I watched a lot of 樱桃小丸子, it’s originally a Japanese cartoon. It’s about a little girls life. So lots of School, home life, friends, food etc which is useful. You can just copy 樱桃小丸子 into youtube or youku

If you live in China or Taiwan you can also find little comic books from this TV show that are great to improve your reading.



Hi Daniel!

I love Peppa Pig!! I used to use Peppa Pig in my English classes for young learners. In fact, Gwilym used to watch Peppa Pig to learn Mandarin. “恐龍!!

I’ve heard 喜羊羊 is quite a good cartoon with clear diction. Check it out and let me know what you think. In the meantime, i’ll ask around.

Fi :slight_smile:


Yes Ni Hao Kai-Lan. We have it here in Brazil too. The thing with Kai-Lan is that it is pretty much an english-spoken episode with a few words in mandarin here and there. I’m looking for the opposite way, or full chinese episodes. I’ve searched for Dora episodes and have bookmarked a few.

Funny thing about Dora: in Brazil, Dora is dubbed in Portuguese and teaches English. But in US Dora speaks English and teaches Spanish. How many languages does she speak?! :smiley:

@joshuapetering105 Tks for the tip. I’ll also add 樱桃小丸子 to my playlist.

I’ll provide you guys later with a review on both series, so we can keep a record for further reference. Nah, who am I kidding.


@Fiona Hi Fi! Thanks for the reply! 恐龍!Grrrr :slight_smile:
I’ll add 喜羊羊 to the pipeline. Clear diction is a must. Really important for both understanding and learning. I’m glad to see I’m not the only own watching kids television for the sake of learning, thank Gwilym for me.

Also, let me just say I love this forum. Great idea. We fell so much closer from you guys now with this kind of interaction. Contributes a lot for the whole process.

btw, my favourite characters are the adults from the rabbit family though. Love their sense of humor. :rabbit:


I really do love Peppa pig. I might go back and watch again and see if I understand lots more now. I hope so :wink:

粉紅豬小妹 Fěnhóng zhū xiǎo mèi.

For those that haven’t seen it. here is a playlist of 16 on YouTube.


With Chinese/Eng Subs


Haha, this is awesome! I will have to check out this video playlist when I have time.


Funny with 2 videos peppa pig for kids