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Placement test answer key errors

Hi @Constance_Fang, @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I’m wondering why the placement test answer key marked the following listen-and-transcribe answers incorrect.

My answer: 我剛才看到妳男朋友跟一個女生牽手
Answer Key: 我剛才看到你男朋友跟一個女生牽手
(Both here are correct, but why would a man/man couple care so much if the other man was walking hand in hand with a lady?)

My answer: 我們該出發台北了,你準備好了沒?
Answer key: 我們該出發臺北了,你準備好了沒?
(Both here should be accepted)

My answer: 你只給我三天,我怎麼能寫得出三百頁?
Answer key: 你只給我三天,我怎麼能寫得出300當然!