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Placement test buggy

I tried to do the placement test sometimes.
There seems to be a major bug.

I create a placement test, and i get to page 1 of 3.
but there is no button to finish the test or to continue to next page.
I can only click “Do placement test” on end of page.
If I click this, I get to the overview page again.

I hope somebody can analyse this and repair it.

I just checked and it works for me. Used it on my iPhone with safari browser. The only thing I couldn’t get working was the dictation section, but that’s probably cause I’m in a spot with bad reception.

After 18 months of studying I scored a whopping 24% on the 75 questions counting the 25 dictation questions I had to skip. That test ain’t easy! Totally killed my confidence , then I was suggested to go to newbie. Haha fml.

The placement test is just a guideline. I suggest going with the shortest test to get a baseline. The best way to assess you level is to have a go listening to a lesson and see how it goes. When you start getting comfortable, throw in some harder lessons once a week/month. With the harder lessons, I usually pre-study the new vocab first before listening to the show.

What browser and device are you using it on?

I use PC (Windows 7) with Chrome.
I would like to see progress in my learning.
That is why i would like to to the test from time to time.

I already know I get along well with elementary.

I wanted to do some screenshot with the missing buttons to show you.

But the submit button appeared this time.

So I can finally do the test :slight_smile: