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Placement Test Very Poor Quality

I used the placement test and found it very difficult to use, and the overall quality was not up to par.

The font it used was very difficult to read the characters, and the pinyin version was just the pinyin without the characters at, that’s hard for me to make sense of.

Also the questions were just very hard, even my ABC wife found them difficult. Usually shouldn’t they start easy and get harder. It’s just a bit less morale crushing. :slight_smile:

As one of the first things that a new subscriber will check out it would be great if it could be improved upon.

Hi Gavin,

Welcome to ChinesePod! Thank you so much for your detailed feedback on the placement test. We really value it when people give us their honest opinions as this helps us improve both the platform and our user’s experiences.

We will discuss your concerns as a team and I will let you know whether we decide to make any changes to the test. I apologize if you felt discouraged by the toughness of the questions, hopefully once you start with the actual lessons you will feel that they are more level-appropriate. Chinese can be quite intimidating at the beginning but progress is very rewarding!

Is there anything else you had feedback on or questions about?