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Please Produce More Science and Arts Content


My name is Peggy and I have been using on and off since 2005-2006. I am very happy to review my subscription again recently for the 2016-2017 years. I love all the content in relation to literature and culture. Thank you!

However, I am a little disappointed when it comes to the arts and science content on Could you please create more content related to science topics (as I am a high school science teacher)? Could you please create more content related to arts and hobbies (there was only one video on knitting)? Could you please create more content related to sports?

Also, please ensure the accuracy of your lessons.

Thank you for your time,

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Hey Peggy,

I struggled for years, as an engineer trying to learn scientific vocabulary for work. The best resource I have found is this book:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Peggy,

First of all, thank you for your suggestion! With the science topics in mind, would your focus would be mostly for conversational terms or something more in-depth?

Hello, everyone. I also support the request for more science content, but no-one has yet picked up on Peggy’s request for more arts content. I would like to see lessons based on discussions about literature (Chinese writers ancient and modern); more poems; reports on art exhibitions and concerts in China and elsewhere; maybe even interviews with writers, artists and musicians.