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Please upgrade Dialogue tab: Pinyin/Translation toggle from 2 way to 3 way mode


Dialogue tab: Could we improve the newly floating pinyin and translation button to a 3way mode to make best use of their new floating behaviour.

The latest web site update has changed the way that the pinyin/translation options behave, but there is no longer a global way to switch all pinyin text to displayed ( the previous version had a eye symbol to do this). So now you must show pinyin by clicking the “show pinyin” text in every line. If the pinyin toggle became a 3 way toggle then I would suggest each press works like

  • Press 1. Place the “show pinyin” text as the default when you enter the tab (so you cannot cheat while reading characters)
  • Press 2. Show the actual pinyin text in all dialogue lines, not just the current line. (this is the new change requested)
  • Press 3. Hide the pinyin text and hide the "pinyin text " works - Press once more and you are back to item 1

A similar change would be worthwhile for the english text.

So it would look like:


The main purpose of it is to provide a quick way to ensure I am reading characters, but also have a quick way to quickly check tones/pinyin, or meaning. Currently we have lost a little bit as there is no longer a global way to show actual pinyin for all sentences, and you must click line by line.


The eye and its’ function doesn’t float, but it is still there! You can select it from the top right of the page like always. Its global. It is in all the “Expansion” sections I just randomly checked. It isn’t in Grammar, Dialogue, etc. Maybe putting it in those tabs would help your studies? Hope this is helpful.


Today didnt appear the funcition of show pinyin and translation, please i would love it to have it again!