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I am using podcast addict to listen to lessons. I can see the characters and English translation, but not the pinyin. I don’t see pinyin on the PDF in podcast addict either. Is there any way I can see the pinyin?


Does it happen with all lessons or only one in particular?

Is it this app:


Yes, Gwilym. That is the app. The problem happens with all lessons on my Samsung phone and also with my recently-purchased Xiaomi.


I tried with this app and also had the same issue. I’m not sure why it doesn’t display the pinyin but it sounds like something with their app. I tried with another podcast player, but they don’t display the lyrics feature sadly.

Have you tried using our new android app? Search for ChinesePod Next


I have now found BlackPlayer Music Player. You have to download the files yourself (it’s not a podcast player), but this player shows character, pinyin and English translation in a nice clear text, which is very easy to read on my large-screen Xiaomi Max phone.