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三國演義 Podcast - Romance of the Three Kingdoms Podcast


I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this but I thought I would share as I’m really enjoying this podcast
The podcast is entirely in English, hosted by a Chinese-American so not a study resource as such but I always find the more I discover about Chinese culture and history the more motivated I become to keep moving forward in my language learning. I’m extremely interested in 3 Kingdoms but my Chinese level is only at Elementary level, so it’s really hard to find good resources at my level unfortunately. The podcast is really entertaining, thorough and funny, even if you don’t know much about it to begin with I’m sure you will find it interesting.


I have been listening to this podcast and love it! The host does a fantastic job. I hope he does Outlaws of the Marsh after he is done with 3 Kingdoms. :slight_smile: