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Pokemon go is the future


I hope all you Chinese podsters are playing Pokemon go while you study that mando! That’s the wave right now!


I’m in Canada right now and the app hasn’t been released here yet. I tried downloading the android APK off another website but ended up getting a virus and had to wipe my phone :frowning: After that issue I’m going to wait for the app to be officially released on the Canadian Google Play store. The short time that I did have to play the game I was really impressed and found it was fun.


Wow that sucks you had to wipe your phone. It’s pretty crazy , in NYC the game had gone viral. It’s really funny cause when your outside playing your constantly running into other people playing aswell. The way it’s designed is really genius. Pretty much turned walking, gps and a camera into a game. lm sure in the next month or so we will see it go worldwide.


Hey, we are not all children! Have no idea why you think playing children’s games has something in common with studying Mandarin. Anyway, hope you are enjoying kindergarden.



The ChinesePod Pokemen Go lesson just came out!

and I caught a Snorlax yesterday!!! YAY!!!