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There are so many great songs by Cui Jian, Wang Lihong and Zhou Jielun that could serve as lessons. Take a song and discuss it’s meaning. 王力宏的《在梅边》would be a great song to cover at the advanced/upper intermediate. It has links to the past 牡丹亭 and modern life. So why must there be 15 characters? That kind of crazy. I think I’ve said what I need to say. So now I’m just typing to fill up space. Is this a classroom assignment in which I must write a set number of words?汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字汉字wil you save now?