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Pronunciation of lüe and nüe

I can’t figure out how the mouth shape should change as it changes from lü/nü to the “e” sound. I couldn’t find an explanation for that in the pronunciation guide here either:

I’m having the most trouble with the “l” in lüe. Where should the tongue be placed when trying to pronounce this word? Can I see a video of someone pronouncing these sounds, please?

Hi there,

This is the only video that show the mouth shape I found
To pronounce üe correctly, we can break them down at the beginning. First of all, the mouth shape of “ü” is like you are whistling. As for “e”, it’s just like the “e” sound in “yes”. After knowing these, just combine these two sounds. Hope these might help.


Thank you for video and the tips on the mouth shapes! It was exactly what I needed.

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