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Questions about 都


in the question words & 都 video you used 谁都. so would 大家 and 谁都 be commonly interchangeable? or does it depend on context?


hi Josh, I just used the CP glossary to look up the translations of 谁都 and 大家。They are invariably translated with " everyone". So it’s obviously interchangeable.


Hi Joshua,

These two terms can often be used interchangeably as the meaning is very similar but there are subtitle differences that can help you figure out when best to use the terms and why someone is using one instead of the other.

I would explain 大家 as a way to express “the majority” “most people”, whereas anything with 都 as mentioned in the video is a way to express the extreme of something, in this case, “without exception, everyone …”

So when someone says “大家都喜欢吃巧克力蛋糕” compared to “谁都喜欢吃巧克力蛋糕”, I would feel that the latter is being more strong on purpose. It’s clear that not everyone on this earth likes chocolate cake but you are trying to make a point. 大家 in comparison seems more like a general statement or comment on “the majority of people”

Hope that clears things up for you :slightly_smiling:



Yes ,they can often be interchangeable,but I think they are different. "谁都” is inclined to “everyone of…”,“大家” is inclined to “all of …” For example:There is a big block that need 5 persons to move it together.We usually say “大家一起来” instead of “谁都一起来”


Thank you, seeing it in context really makes more since. More about the context of the sentence, and the thought you want to get across. 大家 definitely seems to be the more extreme of the two. And in that context, better when giving commands


Thank you for your response, between you and the others, it’s definitely been cleared up better for me. Thank you guys for all your hard work on the web site! You make learning much more enjoyable. My little brother always likes watching your videos with you and gwilym. Good humor between you two! 加油!


Great clarification, I sometimes stumbled with this myself. Thanks Fi!