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Quickly access lessons that I am studying


I just started using the website and maybe I’m just missing something, but I have the following problem: If I study a lesson once in the morning and then come back in the evening to review it once more, I have to search for the lesson again. What to do if I don’t remember the name of the lesson? And maybe I am also studying two or three lessons at the same time, so I am missing a list of “recently viewed lessons”.

I could not find this kind of list, so how am I supposed to go back to the lessons I am currently studying? Remembering the name or number and use the search function is not very convenient in my opinion. Right now I’m using the bookmark function, but then I have to bookmark and un-bookmark lessons all the time.

And another point about the navigation: If I studied the lesson “Dormitory Drama - Part 1”, there doesn’t seem to be any direct link to the lesson “Dormitory Drama - Part 2”, so to find the next part, I have to go to use the search function again or go into the playlist first. I don’t see a reason why the next part isn’t linked directly.


Thanks for your feedback.

There are currently no smart features like recently studied based on activity, but we are in the process of updating our website, and organising lessons is one of the key tasks.

The best thing to do is to use the bookmarks like you are already doing. This will make finding the lessons easier on the website and apps.

For quicker access to sets of lessons, try our playlists (we’re looking to add these in the upcoming iOS app)


Thanks, I’m looking forward to that!


I Agree - it is currently very hard to find and review the lesson you had previously - the bookmarked filter only works when you type in a topic but fails to find anything when the bookmarked filter is on but topic is blank - Please fix or enhance so that the search will show all bookmarked lessons even when the topic is blank. (Because it is not easy to remember the keywords used last time). A personal history of lessons would be even better.