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Redo some of the early lessons?

How about re-doing some one the very early lessons, as in the pre-John P. lessons (ie. 2006, 2007…). The thing is these are some of the basic topic lessons like “buying tea”, “taxi directions”, (before they start to get more specific) so they are very valuable and useful base lessons - however, I’m sorry, but Ken is NOT good model when he speaks Chinese. It makes these lessons almost unlistenable. He’s was a great and entertaining host when speaking in English, but his Chinese is not what we want to emulate.

I think John and Jenny’s lessons are great, that will be perfect if can redo some old lesson(ie. 2006, 2007…), since ten years past, something need to update.

Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll take this in consideration for our upcoming lessons.