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Repairmen / My Gas Card Is Empty!

Just moved to 北京 and this morning I had the wonderful experience of having someone come look at my gas because there was a problem with it. I don’t think I’ve seen any lessons on dealing with repairmen/engineers, or even (related) filling up gas cards/dealing with gas cards (for cooking/hot water heaters - not fueling cars)… maybe those could be an option?


  • How to refill your gas card (“Aiee! We have no hot water! It stopped in the middle of my shower!” “Uh-oh, it’s because we have no more gas on the card/meter.” “You’d better get to the bank to refill it.” … “Can you show me how to do this?” “Put in this card, here. Now put in that card, there. Follow the prompts on the screen.”

  • How to explain a problem to a repairman (e.g. “There is no gas/electric/hot water since an hour ago/last night/this morning, this light is on, what does it mean?” and so on.)

Good Idea. There is nothing worse than being in the shower when the gas runs out…

I’ll propose the idea to constance and the script writers.

In the meantime, here are some related lessons:

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And this one:

Even on a hot day, a hot shower is still strangely refreshing. In this lesson, someone is looking to buy a water heater for their home to make sure they have all the hot water they need.

Thanks! The conversation between the engineer and my ayi was way, way over my head. :wink: