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Replay button lesson - bla bla bla, need 15 caracters

Hi Chinesepod!
quiet nice the button to reduce the speed of the lesson. But I would appreciate a replay/repeat button next to this new one.

I’m often playing to elite dangerous (but we are not care) with on steam, a webpage open on chinesepod and listening the lesson= play game + learn chinese! The best combo.

Yes but! Everytime I have to retart the lesson by myself and imagine when I’m in a fight… Impossible…

So is it possible to add this small but sooooo usefull button?

I’ve passed this on to our IT team. It’s a good suggestion, and a great way to learn Mandarin :wink:

Sorry if this is a double post. I don’t see my last attempt.

One change I’d like to see is for the dialogue individual line play button moved away from the download button. Ditto for the expansion play buttons. I like to play expansion audio before reading the pinyin to see if I can figure out a phrase. It’ disruptive hitting the download button by mistake.

Also, the floating help button sometimes is in the way of the play button when I practice this way. There’s no way to hide the help button. Thanks!