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Resources for Chinese movies/TV

Hello all,

A great way to improve comprehension and fluency is simply to watch a lot of videos in Chinese. However, this is often difficult to find. I started this topic to share a fantastic website that I recently found, and hope to learn about more sites that others would recommend.

I just started watching Aim High. It’s a Taiwanese TV series about four college friends chasing their dreams. Very Gen X/Y, modern (unlike the period dramas, easier to understand, with more applicable language) and refreshing. Funny in a cringe sort of way as well. Many shows in Viki have full english subtitles. Enjoy and please share any recommendations.


There’s a topic about Peppa Pig that turned out to be quite useful for other users in the past (right Gwilym?). It’s for kids, so sentences and dialogues are easier to understand. Fiona suggested 喜羊羊 which I’ve been watching twice/week. There are other suggestions:here’s the link

About real TV I’ve been using two apps: CCTV and DopooWorld, they’re available for Android and iOS. Both offers live chinese TV channels, harder to follow, but very interesting. I like watching live TV a few minutes before class. It helps me get in the mood. The adds are my favorite part.

I’ll check your suggestion. English subtitles really is a plus.

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Just signed up. Viki is great!!
Tons of shows from Taiwanese/Chinese TV. Eng subs. You can search for country/genre/sub language… I"ve downloaded the app for android and I’m having a lot of fun already.

One thing caught my attention: over 150 languages subtitles available. I might try Portuguese subs for a while. That’s pretty unique.


Cool, I’m always interested in more quality tv shows in Mandarin! Thanks @eyjho2015

Old movie, but a great one

I told my Taiwanese friend about this, and she told me that watching too many soap operas will melt my brain hahaha. Hopefully my Chinese will improve before my brain turns to mush