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Restricted Lessons because of Subject Matter

I’ve recently noticed that there are certain lessons I can’t access because of subject matter. What the hell!? I’m a grown-up, I would like to access these lessons. Does anyone know if there is a setting or way to access these lessons? I find links to these lessons through the English-Chinese dictionary with sentence examples, and some of them look really interesting. I recently came across sentences about not being able to drink alcohol at school and needing to do so on the sly- that’s like a story right out of my own life! I’d love to learn how to talk about it. Does anybody got any answers, suggestions, or shared frustrations?!? Come on ChinesePod; I’m a big boy, let me learn about content that reflects the real dirty, impolite, rule-breaking, trouble-making adult world we live in. The whole reason I love ChinesePod is because of the huge scope and range of lesson content, especially stuff you can’t find in a textbook.

Hi JIgantius666,

This is very curious! Can you tell us specifically which “subject matter” you were denied access? There are free lessons for users who want to give us a try first before they become a subscriber. Once you subscribe, depending on which plan you sign on to, you will gain access to more lessons. However, if you are not a full subscriber, you may not have access to all of the learning materials.

Hope this helps!


Hi Elsha,

The first time this happened was when I was using the dictionary feature to find sentence examples. I tried to link to the lesson and I got a notice saying “This lesson is restricted because of subject matter”. I am by the way a premium member, going on over two years into three.
I don’t remember what lesson it was I was trying to access as I posted about this and ran into this problem almost/over (can’t quite remember) 2 months ago. I do remember it was related to drinking. So I just looked up some lessons related to drinking and ran into this problem again. Specifically, an intermediate lesson called “Drinking Games”. Bellow is a screenshot of what happens. How can this be fixed?

I just found another restricted lesson, “The Dice Game”.

We will look into your account specifically JIgantius666. May I know how old you are?

Hi, Jimmy,

Thanks for this puzzle! We have been scratching our heads to figure it out. But we finally got it!

I went into your account specifically and discovered you had your birthday set for 2016. At 2 years old you are way to young to know about drinking games! Interestingly enough, we were allowing you to learn about Sexually transmitted diseases! Go figure!

At any rate, I have added a few years to your birthdate and rechecked. Now you may learn about anything you would like!

Thanks for writing in. This is the first time we’ve had this problem. We appreciate your patience as we investigated it.

Happy studying!