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Same structures, different meanings


Let’s play with words. :smile:

Fill in the blanks.

他_______牺牲生命, _______出卖国家。

A. 宁可 & 也不
B. 害怕 & 所以
C. 与其 & 不如
D. 即使 & 也要
E. 白白 & 忘了

Which answer makes the sentence perfect?

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他寧可牺牲生命, 也不出卖国家。


其實A 和 B 都合理,但意思完全不一樣


I think the answer is B: He was afraid of sacrificing his life, so he betrayed his country.


I was going to choose option B as well.


Haha,This is an interesting question.I have to say ,every choice is OK,but they have different mean.
A:He(他) is very brave ,2 choices :death or betray his country ,he choose death.
B:He betray his country because he is afraid of death.
C:He is not brave ,2 choices :death or betray his country ,he choose betraying his country
D:He hate his country very very much,he can not be alive but he still betray his country
E:If he betray his country ,he can be alive,but he forget this ,so he die.
God,my poor English,somebody help me ,please! I hope you can understand me!
Which answer is perfect?Your choice!
If you find it in a exam,my suggestion is A.