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SBS podcasts for advanced students and listening practice


These mandarin podcasts for native speakers are great for listening practice and they are free. The amount of content on this site is ridiculous.

They have podcasts in most languages. This is all real content for native speakers. Many of the stories are very interesting. And gives you a diverse amount of listening practice as the people are all from different places. These are all designed for native speakers and aren’t rehearsed dialogues.

They also have Cantonese, if your interested in other Chinese dialects.

If I find out how to get the transcripts I’ll post it here, as I know its possible because someone posted some on LingQ a while back.


So the day you posted this, I started listing to the SBS podcasts. They are great. I’ve been meaning to tell you since. There’s several a day and I just skip the topics that disinterest me. Maybe my favorite so far is the one called “cultural diversity in small business” I also weirdly loved a recent one on contact lenses.

Such a solid find, @Nabeshima120 謝謝:heart_eyes:



Thanks, I’m glad someone here is also enjoying these.

My favorite one was about this couple who sold everything and traveled the world, over 50 countries! Not only that but they gave up the Beijing 戶口 and everyone they knew thought they were crazy.

It’s really hard to call though, cause there’s just so many interesting stories… really great for extended periods of listening.