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School subjects and games and the language teachers use to teach children-specifics


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): advanced
Video or Audio: either
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,
I would like to see higher level lessons on school subjects. For example, instead of kids talking about about so and so sleeping through class, how about an actual class on geography, math, literature, history, science. One thing as a non native speaker I can never do is take a class on these subjects in Chinese. I will never be a child in elementary school in China. I would love to learn the language the teacher uses to instruct children to do things, like sit in a row, line up, get you pens and paper out, go sit in the corner, jump, behave, shapes, animals-specifics; play such and such game with the teacher explaining the rules of the game. Explain how to play a group game, like Ninja. Explain how to play majiang rather than talking about it. Explain how to play Uno or some other card game. How do you say discard, draw, set down a suit, hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds. Explain how to play a common game with cards in China in detail. Nitty gritty stuff.