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Scientific vocabulary in Chinese


So I have been learning Chinese for a while now, and while I find a lot of materials in, for example, business Chinese and so, I find little on science. Since I am a scientist, it has been always a point I wanted to work on for my Chinese, to be able to explain what I do in a simple way.

I wonder if anyone knows about a good resource for science vocabulary in Chinese. And although I know it is quite a broad subject, maybe a lesson on very basic science key terms would be nice or how to introduce that you do studied science and now do research on something. But of course, I’m aware it’s a bit too specific for us Chinese learners in general.

And I’d say the same goes for technology! It is nowadays an important part of life but few good learning resources are available to deepen in this areas.


I second this. More science and technology vocab rich lessons would be awesome!

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If you are in China you might visit large bookstores and look for books designed to study English. Some of them are extremely specialized, including books on English for the sciences written for a Chinese speaking student. At a minimum it will be a good source for vocabulary.

I’ll go ahead and third this!

When I look for scientific vocabulary in chinese, I proceed as follow:

  1. I look for the translation of a keyword in chinese with google translate (for instance computer)

Ok I found 电脑

  1. Then I use google to search “wiki 电脑”

I click on some of the links given as results

I eventually found that :

Which can be a new starting point for further research.

I found this really useful (I am an engineer, regularly work with clients in China)