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Search for expansion sentences

Hi! The dictionary on the website is great, because finding words in context is more helpful than a standard dictionary entry, however: It does not include expansion sentences.

Is it possible to search for expansion sentences containing a certain word?
If not, would it be possible to include that in the existing dictionary search function?

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Hello MisterXia, you have such a great suggestions, thank you. I will see if all our words, expanded or just original dialogue can pop up in the dictionary.

I second this. Often the best example sentences are in the expansion sentences since some of the “sentences” in the lessons are actually paragraphs, and so of less utility. It does seem as if a small number of expansion sentences are already in the dictionary database, but for these the audio links are broken

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has there been any result on this subject? I just got back from “summer break” to working on my vocab and found that expansion sentences still don’t seem to be searchable.