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When is the search function going to be operational? It’s been on beta for months. I can never find old lessons by keyword search any more and it really reduces the value I get from my subscription.


Agree!! why is the search function still out of work?
Can please somebody give an answer?



Could you expand on what exactly you are having problems with when searching? We recently added Tags to the search bar. This means that when you preform a search it will scan;

  • Title
  • Lesson Description (intro to each lesson)
  • Lesson tags (Fish,Food)
  • Lesson ID (2343, QW0401)

If you search in Chinese (Simplified), it will mostly show you advanced lessons because it will look for those characters in the title and description. Since the title and description of advanced lessons are all in Chinese, these will show most.

If you want to search for lessons with certain vocab words, it’s best to use the dictionary feature.