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Searching and editing vocab list


if you want to retrospectively edit the meaning of a word in your vocabulary list is it possible to search for it and edit quickly? If I want to add something I’ve learnt later to a word I have in my vocab list I have to laboriously find it first in a long list of saved vocab and then edit. Is there a quicker way?


There is currently no way to search vocabulary items. The best advice until we give this part of the website an overhaul is to make sure your words are organised by decks. Then you can sort by decks and find those words easier. Here is a help article on making decks.

Alternatively you can export your vocab as an XML file (Pleco) or txt (Anki). Using these programmes might make searching and finding ChinesePod vocab easier. You can view a video tutorial for pleco I made on the export page.


thanks, I appreciate the reply.