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Serious complain about customer support and payments

Dear ChinesePod,

There’s a serious issue with your payment system on your website that hasn’t been resolved for a few days. I contacted the support team, which proved to be more or less useless in the past, but now they don’t reply at all.

I decided to renew my subscription through the app.

  1. It’s impossible to use promo codes in the android app. Doesn’t matter
  2. Success! got my premium subscription renewed.
  3. Not really. 2 days after payment the premium plan doesn’t work on the website, but works in the app. Relogging doesn’t solve the issue.

Sorry that I write it all here. You really need to work on your support, especially when it considers payments. My first request has remained unanswered for 5 days.

Please contact me ASAP.

Hi Konrad,

I’m sorry to hear that. It seems that there’s something wrong with our system. I would ask our technology officers to fix it. Besides, our customer service representative has sent an e-mail to you. Please remember to check your inbox. If there’s still any problem, feel free to leave them down. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


Thank you, I’ve been contacted by a senior team member and my issue has been resolved.