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Since, ago, for


Hello ! Where’s a thing I always struggle with in Chinese: since, ago, from, from now on and this kind of so useful words and expressions. How to say in Chinese: “I will work in Beijing from next month” ? I do hope that my sentence in English is correct…


I forgot to tell that I was thinking of a Qingwen for this topic, if it is possible… Thanks !


salue Veronique! I’d say:
xia4 ge4 yue4 yi3hou4 wo3 zai4 bei3jing1hui4 gong1zuo4 de
could someone of the team have a look at my translation?


从下个月起,我在北京工作。 This is it .


This is not correct .


谢谢mate, I didn’t know yet this 从。。。起, see also: 起 to start in the grammar section of Excuses for Being Late(intermediate)


Hi,wande.This is not the point.“from next month”,you can say “下个月以后,从下个月起”,both are right,but “I will work in Beijing” is not means"我在北京会工作的”. Excuse me ,I am a Chinese ,my English is poor.Can you understand me?


Hi mate, thanks a lot, your English is as good as my (German) English, now I got what you meant.


Nice to meet you!A friend of mine is working for Schaeffler(舍弗勒) in Germany.I’m here just for improving my English.


Thank you for yours answers, mates ! Very useful ! And very nice to meet you both. I don’t know if there will be a Qingwen about this question but, at least, I have this answer. Many thanks !




what a good idea! But why don’t you give yourself a name. I prefer to chat with you using your name (instead of a number).


请问, 对 ! Very useful lessons to explain a precise topic.


I have just signed for few minutes.我刚刚注册了才几分钟。There is no enough time to change it .还没来得及修改。


Faudrait suggérer le sujet à l’équipe.


That’s what I did through this forum. No answer from the team, but I’m not worried. Very good French, by the way, Wande !


Hi Veronique, unfortunately the team doesn’t answer this post too often.They might be overstrained a bit. Did you try the “lesson suggestion”? BTW French is my preferred second language.


Actually, Wande, the “lesson suggestion” precisely arrives here, on this forum !!


take it easy.没关系,等一会儿


Non, je ne m’impatiente pas. Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre… I take it easy, no worries.