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Skriter group discount


Hi guys!

I have around 15 people in wechat group willing to buy group subscription for one year. Add me on Wechat if you want to join to get 30 students group price (15$/year)


I believe Skritter specifically said that the group discount is for schools, not unrelated groups of students. Have you been told otherwise by them? It looks like the original thread about this topic to which I am referring has been deleted or truncated. Also, your profile information says that you joined ChinesePod two days ago. Is that correct? Or are you an old friend under a new name?


The people from skritter said it was a one off thing because it’s for schools. They did us that favor because somewhere down the line there was a misunderstanding. Also, because there had been already a lot of excitement and they didn’t want to ruin it.

The thread was destroyed after it was done probably for the reason of not giving people the wrong idea.

I highly recommend before attempting this again to contact skritter directly and make your intentions clear. I have no use for this currently as I got 2 years out of the deal.

Good luck.


Thanks for getting back to me Nabeshima120 and podster .If you are asking about my account Podster, it should show a few years not 2 days. I actually work at a school now but unfortunately I am the only one interested in learning Chinese. Still it couldn’t hurt for me to ask them (Skritter).